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Our chocolate truffle gift box comes packed with eight flavors of large dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate truffles, a perfect gift for any occasion. Each box has thirty-two gourmet dessert truffles, an inch and a half sphere of luxurious hard chocolate encasing a creamy center. View the decadent flavors below and select a box style to customize this gourmet gift box.

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Thirty-Two Chocolate Truffles (Eight Four Packs)

Our Chocolate Truffle Gift Box is packed with thirty-two chocolate truffles in a variety of eight gourmet and savory flavors.

Chocolate Truffle Flavors

Dark Chocolate Raspberry – Nature’s own symphony plays for you with the classic pairing of ripe raspberries and chocolate. The melody of a summer’s day comes alive with a taste of this refreshing berry delight…birds chirping, the rustle of leaves on the breeze, and children laughing in the afternoon sun. Enjoy the concert.

Milk Chocolate Chocolate – Classic and timeless, this chocolate is no Plain Jane. Just like the “little black dress,” its understated style is one of life’s little luxuries that we encourage you to enjoy with abandon. Simple, chic and never out of fashion, this truffle proves that less truly is more.

White Chocolate Champagne – You can almost see the bubbles and hear the cork pop. Elegance and luxury come to mind with a crisp burst of effervescence on the tongue and a smooth, crisp finish. These truffles add sophistication to the everyday or that special event.

White Chocolate Coffee – Wake-up and smell the coffee! After a yawn and a stretch, shake off the sandman with the robust and rich chocolate goodness of this cuppa Joe. Some might call it mocha, but we keep the flavor true to a good cup of java with an early morning sunrise.

Dark Chocolate Mint – Long a symbol of hospitality, mint is a classic for all occasions. Break open this perfectly tempered dark chocolate shell to reveal a pure burst of refreshing peppermint. Delicate and refined, it’s an elegant way to end dinner or begin the evening. You’ll enjoy a night on the town without ever leaving home.

Milk Chocolate Black Forrest – This truffle is as dark, mysterious and romantic as the Black Forest of Germany itself. Snap the rich chocolate shell and let the flavors of cherry and cream dance on your tongue. By the second truffle you will sprechen sie deustch. Sehr Gut!

Milk Chocolate Caramel – Hop on your bike and ride down Main to the corner candy store. In the window, you’ll see Grandpa Birnn standing over the copper kettle making a fresh batch of caramel. This time-proven classic will make you feel like a kid again with its milk chocolate shell and soft, buttery center. Go ahead, eat two…Mom will never know.

Milk Chocolate Tiramisu – Buon Appetito! In all of Italy, not much rivals the perfection of this traditional Tuscan dessert. Brighten any day with this light mocha-flavored cream kissed with the taste and aroma of an authentic espresso. La dolce vita was never so sweet.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    These chocolates were amazing. We purchased two boxes for an office party as desserts. Great looking and tasted so good!

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