Stocking Stuffer Party Pack (12)

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Imagine the smile on your loved one’s face when, instead of a lump of coal, they find this little gem in their stocking on Christmas morning.  This package comes with all six flavors (Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Crinkle, Gingersnap, Oatmeal, Peanut Butter, Sugar) of our individually packaged stocking stuffer packs.

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12 Cookies (Six Two Packs)

Cookie Flavors

Chocolate Chip: How do you improve on a timeless recipe? You use better ingredients. Made with creamy, gourmet chocolate chips and all natural ingredients, these cookies are a surefire hit.

Chocolate Crinkle: These gourmet chocolate cookies have a rich, almost fudge-like taste that is perfectly balanced after being rolled in light, powdered confectioner’s sugar.

Gingersnap: Spicy, chewy, and crunchy: This cookie is the trifecta of what you want in a good Gingersnap.

Oatmeal: A wholesome classic that will bring you straight back to your mother’s kitchen and fill you up, our oatmeal cookies have a crisp outer layer to give satisfying contrast to the chewy, indulgent center.

Peanut Butter: With an interior as buttery as it is crumbly complemented by a generous dark chocolate drizzle, these Peanut Butter cookies are a must-have.

Shortbread Christmas Cookies: Get in the holiday spirit with these festive, frosted shortbread figures. Featuring either a snowman or Christmas tree glaze design, these buttery delights are a winter classic and are sure to liven up any dessert spread.

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